Three years ago, my wife’s cousin introduced us to Ruquia Khan regarding her services as a Professional Accountant.  It started when Ruquia Khan expertly prepared our income tax returns for that year.  We were very pleased with her service especially her knowledge about office in home expenses for sale people like myself.  In addition, Ruquia’s professionalism with a human touch made us very comfortable in recommending her services to many close friends and family members numbering close to a dozen folks.  I will bring her more clients this year, mostly former Pharma Sales colleagues.

Ruquia is honest, knowledgeable, and patient, in her role as a professional accountant.  She can relate very well with people from all walks of life.  She is easily accessible if a need to communicate arises.  She returns calls promptly and offers timely solutions to our queries.

I confidently recommend Ruquia Khan to be your family and business accountant.

Ernesto VillarroyaDistrict Sales Manager (Retired)Sanofi Canada